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International Institute Of Vaidic CultureEnergy scanning is an internationally recognized technology that detects all positive / negative vibes of a plot, building or commercial site. This system is most reliable one and works through digital scanner & computerized interpretation, that reveals accurate status of any premises within few minutes.

Feng shui is a Chinese art of positioning & placement of different objects & items to facilitate Vaastu corrections without demolition. Feng shui arranges environment by boosting positive CHI (Energy), which results in happiness and improvement of health on mental, physical emotional level.

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Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the renowned personalities amongst the worlds leading Vaastu advisors and famous Vaastu Shastra consultants. He possess large experience in this field and deals in Vaastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Pyramidology, Numerology, Energy Scanning & Aura Scanning. His scientific logics & explanations makes him distinct from other traditional Vaastu consultants. Best vastu consultant offering vastu shastra services, vaidic vastu shastra services, residential vastu services, commercial vastu services and industrial vastu services.
International Institute of Vaidic Culture
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International Institute of Vaidic Culture
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New happenings:
• Online Vastu Courses started by IIVC. The most convenient method to learn Vastu sitting in your city.

• New Academic Sessions of All Vastu Courses are being started from 1st. day of coming month. Hence, all the aspirants are requested to go through the details. The coming session for on-line Vastu course commences on 1 st. day of the forthcoming month. To know more about Vastu Shastra Courses, please visit We offer only online Vastu Course.

• For joining any Course, please mail the application form duly filled up, till 30 th. of this month. The courses shall start on 1 st. date of every month. The duration of courses are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year & 18 months. To know more about Vastu Shastra Courses, please visit We offer online Vastu Courses also.

• For getting prospectus, more details and brochure for COURSES in the dedicated website, please log on to or the aspirants may send the enquiry through “Contact Us format..

• Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is honored with the “Best Vastu Consultant” at Shah Auditorium, Raj Narain Marg, New Delhi, INDIA. The awards ceremony shall be direct telecast on main national news channels at 6.30 p.m. & it shall be covered by main news papers also.

• First time in history: A multistoried building with every flat as perfect Vaastu is completed on RaniSati Road, Sikar, Rajasthan under the active guidance, involvement & supervision of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. This is a true example that “All the Flats in an Apartment can be perfectly Vaastu compliant.

• Vastu Shasta is becoming more important in the today’s scenario. So vastu consultant in delhi NCR, vastu consultant in faridabad, vastu consultant in gurgaon, vastu consultant in greater noida, vastu consultant in Ghaziabad, vastu consultant in noida, vastu consultant in delhi and vastu consultants practicing in other neighbourhood have been associated on a single plateform- IIVC

• During last week of the next month, a one-day seminar on “International Vastu Practitioners’ Experience” is planned to be organized at Chennai (India). This shall cover entire India & abroad. Tentative date shall be displayed in this news letter next weak.

• Dr. Anand Bhardwaj honored with “Maa Saraswati Samman” at the “Shah Auditorium” by Shri Kapil Sibbal, the “Hon’le Minister of Science & Technology”, Govt Of India.

• In next week, a big Vastu workshop on “Vedic Concepts in Vaastu’ is going to be organized at our New Delhi office in which experts from India and abroad shall present their expert views. The inaugural session shall be taken by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj himself.

• During the third week of this month, a three dayy’ seminar on “Scientific Facets of Vaastu Shastra” is planned to be organized in Navi Mumbai. The details of the same shall be available in the “News-letter” itself.

• The idea of the High-tech Vastu is drawing attention of all the people who have even a little interest in it. Therefore an effort is being made by all the Social, Institutional & welfare organisations to understand the scientificality of this age old occult science.

• Dr. Bhardwaj honoured with “Man Of The Year Award” by Shri Narendra Nath, Minister, Trans Yamuna, at Triveni Kala Sangam, Auditorium, Bengali Market, Tansen marg, New Delhi. The programme was broadly covered by Press media including various TV channels & national news papers. On this occasion, Dr. Anand Bhardwaj gave some scientific tips of Vastu to the audience.

• Dr. Anand Bhardwaj honored with “Bhartiya Gaurav Samman” at Shah Auditorium, New Delhi by Dr. Kanwar Sain ji, Hon’le Mayor Of Delhi. The ceremony was broadly covered by Press media including various TV channels & national news papers.

• On coming Saturday, a detailed article on “Increasing Productivity in Industrial Organizations” according to Vastu”, by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is being published in the Property section of Dainik Jagran daily news paper.

• “International Institute of Vaidic Culture” is an institute and organisation fully dedicated to research work in Vastu Science. It has finalized its “training modules, which shall be soon displayed on the notice board of the institute.” It also conducts vastu courses.

• Searching the negative faults under the earth is possible with the help of “Cosmo-telluric Sensor”, one of the most advanced instruments, used by Vastu advisors & vastu consultants all over the world.

• Viewers/ visitors of this site are requested to please send the details of new happenings, seminars, workshops and exhibition related details through “Contact Us”. The same shall be published in the “News Letter”. This publication is free of cost for all the Vastu Advisors, practitioners & consultants.

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